What is Somatic Energetics?

Somatic Energetics is a healing method which recognizes the energetic, mental and emotional mechanisms behind the symptoms you may be experiencing. This method can actually help you to become more aware of what is really going on in your body and then gently open doorways to clear these issues.

Somatic Energetics uses primarily light touch and deepened breathing to accomplish a new level of freedom and flexibility in your physical, mental, emotional and energetic state of being. Our specific type of touch frees the blockages in the nervous system and muscles, by gently releasing the patterns of tension in the spine. Sessions are done in groups and last 1- 2 hours.

We are all luminous beings with miraculous healing and manifestation abilities through a ‘clear connection’ to Universal Intelligence, or the Spark of Divinity. The focus of Somatic Energetics is to gently clear and improve the inter-connections of the nervous system to that Spark, the source of all our knowledge, abilities, healing and creativity. This is a transformational tool; a gateway, a doorway into new levels freedom towards better health, as well as a higher and more conscious personal expression of who you really are.

How can Somatic Energetics help the pain in your neck or back?

The human body is amazingly flexible and capable of handling many of these challenges that our life presents. The physical frame and nervous system do have inherent reserves, but over time, the nerve signals weaken. The body’s entire system begins to suffer as the weight of all our challenges build up and the clarity of our connection becomes over loaded so that our physical and mental health suffers. This lack of clear connection creates interference in the nervous system’s signals, blocking or reducing our ability to conduct that intelligent Spark to and from all the various tissues and cells of the physical body. This ultimately results in a loss of vitality and life, that eventually leads to decay, dis-ease and death.

How does Somatic Energetics work?

Our bodies are made up of trillions of cells that are all connected with a vastly interconnected and intelligent communication and operating system; the nervous system and the Innate Intelligence. This system functions over a network of physical and energetic connections. It is vibrational in nature. Different vibrations in the nervous system reflect the consciousness of brain activity.  It’s like a vibrational language the nervous system is using. Somatic Energetics recognizes the meaning of this vibrational language and focuses on the clues and signals that are present. Once you know which vibration the person’s system is working with, then specific contacts are made that evoke a vibrational shift and create a trance like state that consistently opens clearing pathways to clarity.

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Michael McBride offers practitioner training in Somatic Energetics

Michael McBride conducts workshops in different parts of the world, wherever there is a demand for them. From Tokyo to Maui to Vienna, people all around the world are learning a new way of bringing themselves and others into alignment with their Divine Creator through their own bodies.
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