What are Somatic Energetics sessions?

Somatic Energetics sessions are groups sessions, generally of 10-20 people, being worked on in the same room by Michael McBride.
McBride passes through the room, applying light touch and energetic healing work. Every client get a deep experience of the direct work that is applied, as well as a meditative like expereince to integrate the energetic and physical changes that happen during the process.

When you experience the work, you are drawn into your own waves of transformation. This creates physical and energetic changes in and around your own body. As your nervous system becomes more clear and sensitive, it acquires a special resonance. Many practitioners are drawn to learn this method as a result of their own personal experiences with Somatic Energetics. The energetic openings, emotional releases and transformational effects of the sessions bring you up to a level of self healing that can be further trained, so that you can share it with others.

Michael McBride offers practitioner training

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Somatic Energetics Sessions

Somatic Energetic methods are easily teachable

Although the results of this work seem almost magical, we can assure you that the method is teachable and transferable. How can so much happen with just a few light contacts?
The process of learning to become a certified SE practitioner involves a process of first receiving sessions, then attending Basic level hands on workshops and of course, working independently to build your confidence and gain the experience necessary to improve your skills. As you transform and grow in your own process, the greater your connection becomes. Your ability to observe the potential access points and apply the contacts increases. Michael has been giving trainings since 1994. He has learned how to help practitioner whatever their entry level to better understand the inner workings behind the method.  You learn how to hone your own intuitive skills. He can help you learn from scratch or how to integrate SE methods into your existing  practice. He has found how to offer helpful tips and guidance to others that are seeking learn this illusive magic. These phenomenon are observable and its methods are teachable.  Attending a workshop is a process of learning, healing and transformation that will take you to a whole new level of being.

With each of the steps you take towards your own mastery, this work and the vibrations  that will be freed will strengthen and resonate within you. It is a gift than can be elicited, cultivated and improved. It is not so much what you learn, but who you become in the process. Michael provides a foundation and reference point to begin your journey with your process and the processes of your future clients. Receiving the work and the process of learning Somatic Energetics is a personal journey. It is a flexible method of observing, recognizing the opportunities for positive change that present themselves, then adding gentle input to the nervous system and flexibly following the predictable reactions that unfold. The Somatic Energetic method is offered as a basic course to begin the process of clearing the pathways of the nervous system, not as a fixed rule set or limiting technique. It is an open door with many possibilities with very few rules. It is a very large room with many windows of opportunity.

Many students come to the trainings not so much to become practitioners but to seek deeper understanding about their own patterns and to accelerate or deepen their own inner processes. The learning flows naturally and people find their own paths as it should be for themselves. Ultimately, this work is best taught and passed on from teacher to student on a person to person basis, as it would be to learn yoga from an experienced teacher. The method is learnable and teachable. There is a need to do hands on and practice much like learning a musical instrument. The speed of your progress from student to master practitioner is directly proportional to your ability to practice and opportunities you have to apply the methods that you are exposed to in the workshop.

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“Your work has been so phenomenal, so crucial, as one by one the ‘banes’ of my existence melted, opened, released, transformed and in their revelation disappeared! It is quite remarkable.”

– Lisa Buell, Thai Massage &
Advanced Somatic Energetics Practitioner

“From the beginning, I had a sense of how simple and quick my energy changed.  Michael has given me a gift and opened the door to my heart.”

– Johanna Strasser, Advanced Somatic Energetics Practitioner

“I have been receiving Somatic Energetics from McBride for about a year. I have seen a great improvement in my rheumatoid arthritis pain and I need less pain medication. I also need fewer chiropractic adjustments, going from two visits per week to a few per month. I was so impressed with McBride and his work I also took his class to learn more about the work and be able to help others. I am a licensed massage therapist with 18 years of experience and am also a reiki master and I have never seen anything be so powerful with very little discomfort for the patient. It is difficult to put into words the emotional and mental shifts that also occur with this work but they do happen and I am very grateful to have experienced it.”

– Debbie Dehm, LMT

“Bless you Michael. Your work is beautiful, easy and effective. It’s what the world needs now.”

– Chuck Spezzano, founder of Psychology of Vision, best selling Author, seminar leader and visionary.